Vision program review

Vision program review

Vision program review: Rebuild Your Vision.

Here is the Vision program review of a Natural Eye Vision Exercise program. I ordered the Natural Eye Vision program Online from the website.

Vision program review

30 day trial period of the  Rebuild Your Vision program Kit.

The initial trial offer was advertised for only $1.00.  That would cover the 30 day return period. If the customer was not happy with the product after the purchase, then the product could be returned with no additional charge other than the return freight mail cost. The Vision program kit box is about 30 cm by 40 cm, it weights at 3 pounds. The value of the Vision program package kit at the time was $97.00. (April 2014).

The Kit Package.

The Rebuild Your Vision program is an interesting package, at least for those that are interested in the concept of exercising and developing their eye vision system. To me the concept of being able to exercise and to improve the eye vision system is exciting. This including the eye lens focus at near point area and eye lens focus at a distant object. Also the concept of able to stimulate the entire eye vision system by the specific eye muscle exercise program routines and the equally relaxation exercises, that is great news. Great news because I do have a keen interest and appreciation for visual beauty especially in the great outdoors nature, and my keen interest with photography, that demands clear eyesight with a precise ability to see and to focus with clarity at various distances in a various of light conditions.

Reading material.

There is a lot of reading materials provided with the Rebuild Your Vision kit. Some of the topics that are included are:

  • The story of Orlin G. Sorenson, and how he discovered the life changing benefits of eye exercises.
  • Some History on the Eye vision exercises.
  • Eye anatomy.
  • What is a Vision disorder.
  • The truth about Corrective Lenses.
  • What is Eye Vision Exercise and Training.
  • The alternatives to a Natural Eye Vision Exercise Program.
  • 7 keys to Eye Vision Exercise Program Success.
  • Training Guides: Routines and Exercises.

The Un-boxing.

After the unboxing of the Rebuild Your Vision program kit I was surprised by how many tools there are included in the kit, there are five eye charts and two props that can be used in the exercises. These charts and props can be used in a variety of ways as explained in the Routine of the eye exercise program. The eye vision program is set out in three set of routines.

  1. Routine #1. Nearsightedness and or Astigmatism.
  2. Routine #2. Aging Vision and or Farsightedness.
  3. Routine #3. Aging Vision and or Nearsightedness.

Individual Eye Vision exercise needs.

Depending on the individual eye vision weakness or an eyesight problem, the individual takes on a program according to their vision exercise need. After the individual Routine is chosen then there is chart laid out with 9 exercises, both active exercise and relaxation rest exercises. To learn more visit Vision program review at Online Eyesight Test.

  • A weekly routine is carried out for 6 days (1-6).
  • after the first week there is another Routine for 6 days (7-12).
  • Followed by; Days 13-18.
  • Days 19-24.
  • Then there is a change in the pace of the exercise routine.
  • From Days 25-30.
  • Days 31-60.

The Eye Exercise Routine weeks are shortened down to 5 days, after 4 weeks. As a result, the exercise Routine is changed more frequently, every 5 days. As you can see there are many opportunities to train the eye vision system to perform naturally, with a clear accurate focusing and vision clarity. Without the eye vision program, there is no real set out guidelines to measure, evaluate, train and to develop the eyesight, to train it to perform in a controlled environment, other than going to a Professional optometrist for a regular eye check up.

The leading Errors in health leading to more general errors in the community.

But an optometrist will not provide an exercise program to follow, most likely, too often, with an eye vision weakness, or an eyesight problem they will describe eye corrective lenses because they don’t advertise or promote the concept of preventative eye vision health exercises, similar to the Medical Doctors, they don’t go out of their way to advertise and promote healthy lifestyle, according to general statistics Doctors in America on average die before the US National average. It is a busy marketing frenzy in the mass consuming world, and the pace seems to be speeding up to even greater speeds. It is not any wonder that with the core health problem issue, people simply don’t have the time to contemplate and reflect on what is the condition of their physical body and the eleven organ systems that human health condition is reasonably dependent on. People are often driven by the fuel of personal ambition like a turbo injection. Extravagant money greed and other deviations from a self-controlled moderated society will lose contact with the realities of the physical human bodies nutritional needs, quality sleep and regular rest time. Suppressing the realities of the holistic preventative approach to healthy living is a denial of the human body eleven organ system realities.

Vision program review Week 1. day 1-6. Vision program review

I receive the Eye Vision program kit in the mail and went about unboxing it. The offer at the time also included a sample Mineral, Vitamin and herbal supplements, enough for 30 day period. The supplement is called OCU-Plus. There is detailed chart nutritional facts information provided with the OCU-Plus formula. These facts can also be checked out on the website, with eyes nutritional need related information.

There are 17 essential nutrients being listed as a nutritional requirement for healthy eye vision development.

The first Routine  exercises that I started on was in the Routine #2. These exercises are designed to improve the near-point vision, as well as improve clarity of vision middle distances and far away. Also strengthening the eye vision system generally overall with by regular simulated exercises. The great discovery for me in the Rebuild Your Vision Program is how specific and clever the exercises are. There are many exercises that the imagination could not conjure up. Before seeing the Rebuild Your Vision program kit with my own eyes; I was not able to image the type of exercises that were revealed. Especially the concept how by the eye exercise tools provided, the mechanics of the eyes are realized more and more. A better understanding of how the eye lens system works, at least with the concentrated use of the exercises, there is a momentary distant observation of how the eye vision system is somewhat distant from the conscious understanding of the observed environment, almost like an uncanny delay, between observed time and space. My first week of exercises went well; I did them every morning first thing. I used a timer on a phone to set the allocated time given per exercise. Sometimes I had a cup of coffee before or during the exercises. I spent about 45 minutes going though the exercises, reading the instructions thoroughly, so that I was sure to have understood the exercise steps and the purposed visual observation at the time of the exercise. Clear focus at each step is important, and not just going through the exercise without focusing or understanding what is being observed, deliberate understanding of clarity and the muscles of focus can open the visual eyes to see better. I think it would be a good idea if it is convenient for you as a location, to go outdoors and walk, ride, swim or jog and to exercise first thing in the morning, that way the cardiovascular system is stimulated and the mind are fully awake, ready to observe and to receive and learn new information.

The Ferris Wheel Exercises.

I did the Ferris wheel exercises, Distant night relaxation exercise, 3 cups: Level 1, In and Out, In and Out: Level 2 and finish off with the face Muscle massage and the Relax down at the end. These exercises were not difficult to do, I did notice that some of the exercises were somewhat tricky, and it took a few goes to understand what the exercise was, what was I supposed to observe/see, and for how long. It became apparent early in Week 1, that the eyes are not trained to do specific exercises consciously, the eyes are just used for convenience because the eyes work then they are used without much conscious thought given to their abilities. I became more conscious of the need to relax the eyes while being on the computer hour after hour busy reading and writing. The Vision Defense program that is provided with the rebuild Your Vision kit reminded me for the need to look away for 10-20 seconds at a distance. Doing so breaks up the fixation of the eye muscle at a near-point, causing near-point stress, and also causing the Computer eye syndrome. I would look away every 10-20 minutes and focus at a distant word, picture or an object for 10-20 seconds, by so doing ensuring that the eye muscles are staying more flexible and elastic.

Eye vision program exercise home environment.

For the eye exercise Week 1. Changes to the home environment, that I made at the time of the exercise was to put up a piece of tape to hang up the eye chart Exercise #5-Out. I used the long corridor space, and put a movable chair out at a 20 feet distance from the eye chart. For the individual eye visual acuity exercises I was reading 20/30 with one eye patched, the 20/20 visual acuity was not clear across the 7 alphabet line. However, I did notice that the light was a problem at the end of the corridor, because if it was early in the morning or an overcast day, then that would affect on how clearly I could see the 20/20 line. With poor light it was not possible; all I could make out was the 20/30 line. On a clear summer day, the visual acuity could be at the greatest, clear natural full light on the object line. The exercises went well for the first week, I did them every morning, missed none. I noticed while reading words from a card on a wall some 3 meters away during work time that my conscious observation of the object line of writing was becoming more concentrated after the exercises. To say it another way, similar to doing a particular physical fitness exercise, after the physical exercises then one becomes more conscious of the physical actions of the exercise. So I was becoming more conscious of seeing with a clear focus, before moving the focus on to another visual object. In another way, concentrating on the observed visual image details, until the details was clearly seen and understood. Summary: The eye vision exercises do need a commitment and dedication to diligently do them each day, until all the eye vision system exercises lessons have been learned and the eye vision improvements are realized.

Week 2. Day 7-12.

Day seven was the first time during this Eye Vision program that I almost went to the computer before doing the eye vision exercises. I had a habit of waking up in the morning and going to the computer, to see what was on the world news and what had arrived thought the email. But I caught myself and did the eye exercises first. The Day 7-12 is a new Routine. It has new eye exercises like Pinball, 3 Cups: Level 2a and the String bead exercise. The Pinball works the eye individually, one eye covered with an eye patch, reading numbers from a vertical line on below the open eye, and another vertical line of the number sequence on the opposite furthest side to the open eye reading the lines. It challenges the eye to track from left to right, and from right to left working both of the eye sideways tracking. The 3 cups 2a exercise is fascinating. Very different to the previous Week 1 exercise. This exercise brings out some of the unique features of eye vision architecture, and also highlights how important it is for clear focus that both eyes left and right work together in perfect unison, precise accuracy demands that the eye muscle memory is working 100% accuracy.  This exercise can reveal any inaccuracy or irregularity between the two eyes and the muscles that move the eyes in ideally synchronized unison. It is the conscious awareness of clarity in vision that sharpens the focus to precision. With eye vision training this becomes more natural. The String bead exercise is a challenged by the close near point of focus; this exercise also has a clever observation viewpoint that may not be understood first, unless reading the instruction very carefully. It is how the V impression is formed by a single string. Focusing at the point of the nose the V is open outwards towards the hand holding the other end of the stringbead. The V crossing point of the impression of the two strings can move up or down, as the eyes focus closer towards the nose, or further out towards the hand holding the string bead. This impression with training also reveals how the eyes may not be perfectly aligned, and how the two eyes create a single image. The concept of the two separate locations of the eyes, working together and forming a single image in the understanding of the mind is truly magnificent biological software in the mammal brain. The eye vision system is much more interesting than most people contemplate or give it credit, people use their eyesight every day, but they are not always fascinated by the complexity of the eye vision system. The eye vision system should be appreciated and protected from near-point stress and possible toxic work environments, also sunglasses protecting from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The eye vision system needs sufficient essential nutrients, regular eye exercises and quality sleep time and rest. Take a look at the YouTube Video Eyesight Test Review and find out how Natural Eye Vision Exercise program will enable you to attain a Healthy Eye Vision. Vision program review continues on with more updates.

Week 3. Day 13-18.

See website for the next phase in the Vision program review.